Whale Watching in Husavik with North Sailing

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Matt’s sister gave us an awesome gift of a North Sailing tour for whale watching in Husavik. I was incredibly excited for this trip and it didn’t disappoint! THANKS SARAH!!!

Husavik is one of the top places in the world to go whale watching because the whales all hang out in the bay and you don’t have to go far to see them. The day before our trip a Blue whale had been spotted which would’ve been a really amazing sight to see.

North Sailing is a great company to go with – the ship was gorgeous and had plenty of room for everyone, they supplied us with warm coveralls, and the guide and the rest of the crew were so nice and funny!

As the guide was welcoming us on board he asked where we were from. When I said Canada and New Zealand, he said “wow, what a mix that is!” before straight away picking out that we must work in London.

Seems we’re not as unique as we thought!

We saw humpback whales but they were too busy diving down deep to feed rather then letting us get a decent look at them on the surface. Fair enough, really! When they did surface, it was usually pretty close to the boat so we did get some good photos and video. They are huge even from far away.

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Just as our boat was pulling into the harbour, I looked back out to the bay and there they were, jumping out of the water just in front of another boat. Unfortunately, it was too far away for my camera but at least I got to see it!

Whale watching in Husavik was so much fun though and I can’t wait to go back again!

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Watch our Whale Watching in Husavik Video

More Information on Whale Watching in Husavik


You might be able to book when you arrive but it’s a better idea to book online before hand.  We did the Original Whale Watching Tour but if you want to see puffins as well, then North Sailing have other options that include bird watching. Both are easy to book on their website.


The cost is currently (as at June 2015) Adults: € 59 / ISK 9.300– check their website here for up to date info.

When to Go

The best time to see whales is in the summer months in Iceland (so June, July August). We went in late May and still saw quite a few whales. It’s Iceland so it will be a bit chilly but North Sailing provided warm gear for everyone to wear on the boat.