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We explain below a bit about our story, what you’ll find on this site and a few of our more popular posts…

On 1 December 2015 we left London, our home of the last 3 years, for the trip of a lifetime…and then about a month later Dayna got pregnant.

Our goal for this long term trip was to make it one we’ll remember forever and to travel for at least 1000 days. The awesome, exciting inconvenience of a pregnancy complicated that goal and made us change our plans pretty quickly.

Really, our dream was to find real freedom and be able to earn a living doing work that we’re passionate about and enjoy. A pregnancy complicates our plans for non stop travel but having a baby really doesn’t change our other goals.

You can read our big announcement post here.

And our baby announcement here.

After all our adventures to date, this baby journey is going to be our biggest!

Want ideas for trips and how much they cost?

We include details on the key details of our trips in info boxes at the bottom of our posts and also often do detailed itinerary posts.

Check out Iceland itinerary here or our Pacific Coast Highway itinerary here for examples.

Or do you want to see if staying in the Maldives is worth it? Check it out here.

Along with tips and hints that we pick up from things we did or more likely mistakes we made, we also share stories of our travels.

Whether it’s getting covered in poop and drinking it in Dalat, travelling with farting passengers on a train in Malaysia or having a fail with attaching our GoPro securely to our car, we have our fair share of mishaps.

For more inspiration, we’ve been to over 30 countries so far and have ticked off over 30 items on what we call our 100 Things list; our bucket list of travel related things that we’re super excited about doing even if takes us the next 50 years to complete!

A few of our most popular posts…

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