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Five Days in Hong Kong

  Our five days in Hong Kong came right after we had spent a fun but sometimes challenging month in Sri Lanka (filled with power cuts, flooding, local buses and trains and a few issues finding places to eat in low season). Heading to Hong Kong we were ready to...

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Visiting Sigiriya in Dambulla

  We loved our few days in Dambulla mainly because we had a great place to stay. Sevonrich Holiday Resort was definitely the best place to stay in Dambulla (...and no, they didn’t pay us anything to say that – they were just really good to us and we loved our...

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3 days in Kandy…without any Candy

We had a great time during our 3 days in Kandy, Sri Lanka. In fact, the only downside was our accommodation! We went for daily walks around the lake, took in all the sites, and ate the delicious food. Kandy had lots of wildlife especially around the lake and we even saw a few monitor lizards!

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