Nothing annoys me more than when you ask someone “What’s new?” and they answer with “Nothing.” So this is an attempt to let you in on our super exciting lives when we’re not travelling and give you an update on what we’ve been up to!

Blog redesign

As you can see, things are looking a little bit different around here. We had the wonderful Bobbi at Ready to Blog create us a simple logo animation and colour scheme which we think reflects us pretty well – nice and laid back with a pop of colour thrown in. What do you think?

I’m still working on the layout and flow of this site so hopefully I’ll be happy with it soon. It’s so much fun finding out new ways to optimise the site and play around with coding behind the scenes that I don’t really know when to stop. Definitely see myself spending hours on Codeacademy in the future…

Getting ready for our trip to Iceland!

It’s been a while since I was this excited for a trip which is the first in our attempt to focus on slow travel. Our standard trip away has involved a Friday night flight out and Sunday night flight back with a lot of rushing around sightseeing in between. We’ve loved all those trips but end up a bit tired and stressed by the end so we’re planning on slowing it down from now on.

Iceland road trip plan

Our itinerary

We leave on Thursday and will spend 10 days driving ourselves around the entire country. We’ll be stopping at all the sites (the majority of which are waterfalls), doing some awesome activities (whale watching and snorkelling between two continents to name a couple), taking lots of photos, and trying to avoid active volcanos and lava flows!

If you want to see live updates of the trip, be sure to head to our Twitter/Facebook/Instagram accounts and give us a like or follow while you’re there!


The conversations that Matt’s post has sparked – it’s been great sharing something that we spend so much time discussing between the two of us. The subject of happiness and auditing of our life has become a big focus of ours over the past few months so it’s really nice to know that there are others that are in the exact same place. When you get talking or thinking about this kind of stuff, you can’t help but get excited and even small changes in your day to day life make such a difference!

Video blogging!

This is another little passion project of ours and it has been a lot of fun learning about video style, necessary equipment, and editing. We’ve invested a decent amount into GoPro toys in the past week to get us fully equipped for Iceland and have been watching FunforLouis and plenty of other Youtube travel vloggers for inspiration.

So yeah, I’m super excited albeit a bit nervous about it – there are a number of vloggers who come across a bit cheesy (but that could be because I don’t know them and they are actually being genuine).

Our aim is to be as genuine as possible (any source of cheese will be 100% Matt’s fault as he’s all about the puns) and just give a different insight to what we’re up to and our travels. Contrary to popular belief I do not enjoy the sound of my own voice so that might take some getting used to as well…

Is that MY voice

So what’s new with you?
Got any tips for us on vlogging or Iceland?
If someone had made the bad judgement call to book a PT session for a Friday night, do you think it would be ok for them to drink wine during it?