Tasting Harry Potter Treats: would you eat a Bogey flavoured jelly bean?

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Tasting all the Harry Potter Treats was one of the highlights of our Tour of the Warner Bros studio in Leavesden (you can read & watch our tour of the Harry Potter Studio in Leavesden by clicking here).

Some of the treats were better than expected and others lived up to our expectations…and were absolutely disgusting. It will hopefully be the last time we ever taste any food that is intentionally flavoured to taste like Bogeys! (or Rotten Egg or Vomit or Dirt….)

Want to go straight to the video and see us play a weird form of Russian Roulette with disgusting flavoured jelly beans and taste the other Harry Potter treats? Then click here (or watch the embedded video at the bottom of this post).

Halfway through our tour of Harry Potter Studios we got to the Backlot Cafe for a well needed food and drink break to refuel before the rest of our tour. They have a bunch of “normal” food with salads, sandwiches and pasta etc but more importantly, this is the place to try two of the five Harry Potter themed treats that we had lined up to taste: Butterbeer and Butterbeer ice cream.

butterbeer on the harry potter studio tour


We had heard from colleagues and friends that butterbeer was revolting so we were not expecting much from our shared pint of sugary, non-alcoholic butterbeer. We were pleasantly surprised with how nice it was.

Butterbeer has a butterscotch flavour (unsurprising I guess!) and is very sweet but the creamy foamy top is awesome especially if you’re a fan of “spiders” or “ice cream floats” (A “spider” in NZ is what we call a drink made from scooping ice cream into a soft drink).

It is almost magic how the foam gradually reforms each time you drink it – there must be some chemical wizardry going on to get it to work. *That’s my last magic themed pun I promise*. It definitely didn’t taste healthy but I would order it again for sure!


Butterbeer ice cream

After Butterbeer’s huge success we were excited to try it’s even more sweet, more dessert-y ice cream version. Dayna was underwhelmed when it came out and was essentially just a vanilla soft serve ice cream flavoured with a butterscotch sauce.

I thought it tasted a bit weird but didn’t complain about polishing off the huge tub we were left with. Probably wouldn’t order again although if you’re a fan of soft serve ice cream any way then maybe you’ll like this one.

4/10 from us.

After the Butterbeer tasting session we got stuck in to the Harry Potter candies. These didn’t come cheap from the gift store but £23-ish later we were sat in the corner of the cafe and were set to try all the treats. We had to start with the worst one of course…

sweets from harry potter studio tour

Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans

As if in a Saw movie, Dayna turned to me and asked “do you want to play a little game?”

Suddenly we were thrown into a Jelly Bean fueled game of Russian Roulette.

We had to choose jelly beans at random out of a packet that included such wonderful flavours as Vomit, Bogey, Dirt, Sausage, Soap, Earwax, Earworm, Rotten Egg…and the list goes on. This was a game with no winners.

Every Flavour Beans flavours Harry Potter Studio Tour

I brightened up when Dayna got a bogey flavoured one first up and followed that with Soap and Sausage whilst I was sitting pretty munching away on green apple, tutti frutti and cinnamon flavours all day long.

The smile was quickly wiped off my face when my luck ran out and I got hit with a mouthful of bogey flavoured jelly bean. These things are so disgusting that you get that flavour seared in to your brain. I will have nightmares of that flavour for years. Both of us had to spit out the worst ones and even just looking at a jelly bean was hard for a while afterwards.

We’ve since been playing a dangerous game at home of trying to pick out all the nice ones from the box but are down to only the worst flavours being left now (I think). My work has “treats” put out every week on friday so I am toying with the idea of putting out the rest of the jelly beans in a bowl and seeing what happens…

1/10 for flavour but 9/10 for novelty and amusement value – just don’t get stuck tasting them blind!

Chocolate Peppermint Toads

These weren’t the exciting treats from the movie which jump up and hop around the table. Ours were quite stationary the whole time but were tasty, if a little boring. Some peppermint filling would have helped make them a bit better a la after dinner mints.

7/10 – nice but nothing special

Fizzing Whizzbees

These were my favourite along with the Butterbeer. Again, not as exciting as the version in the Harry Potter movies but they do have a bit of popping candy and crunch that make them quite nice and fun to eat. And who doesn’t like chocolate?

8/10 – Would get these again if they weren’t so freaking expensive!

Check out our video below where we blind taste Bertie Bott’s every flavour beans along with the rest of the Harry Potter treats.

Have you tried any of these Harry Potter themed foods? What did you think? Would you eat a Bogey flavoured bean?


butterbeer every flavour beans