Sipping Tea and Coveting Manolos

by Apr 17, 2014England, London Life, United Kingdom4 comments

There are only 16 weeks left until we leave for the US/Canada and, of course, our wedding. The next time we have a full week at home will be 7 weeks from now since we decided to take advantage of all the public holidays coming up (which seemed like a good idea at the time but right now just looking at our calendar is exhausting). So, this past weekend, we forced ourselves to cross off a few more items on our wedding To Do list so we aren’t overwhelmed come June/July.

We ended up not doing too badly either! Matt ordered his suit from Cad and The Dandy on Saville Row (definitely recommend them if you’re in the market for a suit, so knowledgeable, helpful, and not at all pushy), I got my wedding band, and Matt has a good idea of what type of ring he wants now and just needs to order it. Also, what are peoples thoughts on a ‘sit wherever you like’ policy for dinner at weddings? Cause you know what’s not fun? Seating plans! All kidding aside, it took a while but that’s nearly done too.


In between all the wedding fun, we decided to take part in one of the top things to do in London – have afternoon tea at Liberty. Liberty is a luxury (in every sense of the word) department store in Soho, just off Regent Street. It’s been around since 1875 and is built from the timber of two HMS ships. There’s also a plaque commemorating those who died in the building during the war. It really is a beautiful building and houses some equally beautiful (and expensive!) items. I even got to hold a pair of royal blue Manolo Blahniks I’ve been coveting ever since I saw them in the first Sex and the City film. But at £650, Matt didn’t let me hold on to them for too long!

At £35 for 2 people, the afternoon tea isn’t too crazy a price compared to the rest of the store. Out of the smorgasbord below, my favourite item was the scone – hands down the best one I’ve ever had (sorry, Mom!).

Afternoon Tea at Liberty

Afternoon Tea at Liberty

Here’s where I admit I’m not a huge fan of this kind of afternoon tea (besides the scones) because while tasty, it’s just a little bit on the bland side (maybe just a British thing?). However, it’s definitely something you need to do at least once while in good old Blighty.