Author: Dayna

Our 2015 Year in Review

2015 was a crazy, busy and awesome year for us. It seems we all think that about every year but this year it has really felt like that for us. We worked our butts off at times and made some tough decisions but we also had some great adventures. These great adventures included two amazing highlights: an 11 day long road trip around Iceland and a dream honeymoon in the Maldives. Those two trips were the kind that we’ll probably look back on in 30 years and it’ll still bring a smile to our faces. Along with Iceland and...

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How to Earn Flying Club Miles & Other Points for ‘Free’ Travel

We used American Express Membership Points and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club Miles to get our Upper Class flights from London to San Francisco worth £14,000 for 100,000 points + £700 to cover taxes and fees. In this post, I’ll go into how we earned those points and how I’ve learned to earn more to hopefully get us even better deals in the future. The information below is focused on the UK but most points systems are similar so there should still be some useful information in here if you live in a different country or use a different points...

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Flying in Style with Virgin Atlantic Upper Class

On December 1, we kicked off this crazy adventure by flying Virgin Atlantic Upper Class from London to San Francisco. This flight had a retail value of over £14,000 but we only paid about £700 total for the both of us which is less than it would have cost us to fly economy. We got the tickets so much cheaper because we converted a big chunk of American Express credit card points to Virgin Flying Club miles and I’ll go into detail on how we earned those points and more in another post soon. Flying in business or first class has long...

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