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24 Hours in Seattle

We were very lucky to have a bunch of family help us out with free places to stay for our time in Canada so we thought we would treat a few of them with a quick overnight trip to Seattle to say thanks (and plus, we were wanting another trip to the States before we left to go to the southern hemisphere). Since we were going for just a quick trip we were leaving early on the Saturday. Dayna’s mum (or “mom” as she would say) was coming over on the ferry from Gibsons to pick us up along...

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Coming Home to Canada

We were only in Canada a year and a half ago but since it was for our wedding, the couple weeks we had there absolutely flew by with all the wedding prep and showing Matt’s family around my favourite spots. It was a great trip but after we got home to London, we agreed that we wished we had spent a bit more quality time with our friends & family. So when we were planning this trip, we knew we needed to factor in a big stint in Canada. We started with Christmas at my Grandma’s house on Vancouver...

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A Wow Moment at Horseshoe Bend

Ten years ago I went on my first trip overseas, just me and my friend Danielle, to New Zealand. We used a guidebook to decide where to go, payphones to call ahead and book our next night of accommodation, paid $3 to use the hostel computer for 15 minutes or went to an internet cafe, and I had a brand new (expensive in today’s terms) point and shoot digital camera that only had a 5 megapixel sensor. Travel has changed a lot since then. People are travelling more, and thanks to affordable digital photography and social media, travels are...

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The Best Views in Sedona

After an awesome road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway, our Arizona Road Trip had a lot to live up to. Our first stop: checking out the gorgeous Sedona views. Before we got to Sedona though we flew into Phoenix from San Diego on an absolutely painful Southwest Airlines flight. We picked up our rental car at Phoenix airport and we have to give Hertz a plug for how easy they make it now (we aren’t paid in anyway for this in case you’re suspicious!). I joined their gold member programme so when we check in with them now we just...

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Round the World Travel & Cost Summary: Month 1

Countries Visited Flights Taken Kilometres Driven Ferries Taken One month on the road! We’ve been a few places, seen a few things, took thousands of photos and countless hours of video. We also learned a lot about what works for us in this new lifestyle and what does not. One of the biggest lessons of the month is that we are still moving too fast and trying to pack too much in with limited time. So, we’ve applied that to the next stage of our trip and hopefully we won’t spend as much time feeling stressed and exhausted. It...

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