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Exploring Sri Lanka’s Tea Plantations

After the heat of Kandy and Dambulla, we were more than ready to head to the cooler, hilly region filled with Sri Lanka’s Tea Plantations. The temperatures were cooler and we were going to finally get to see how all this tea we drink is made. We were heading to Nuwara... read more

Visiting Sigiriya in Dambulla

We loved our few days in Dambulla mainly because we had a great place to stay. Sevonrich Holiday Resort was definitely the best place to stay in Dambulla (…and no, they didn’t pay us anything to say that – they were just really good to us and we loved our stay... read more

Kandy to Dambulla by Air-conditioned Bus

We struggled hard to figure out how to get from Kandy to Dambulla on an Air-conditioned bus. There was basically nothing useful online and the tourist information offices in Kandy weren’t helpful at all. They preferred to focus on referring us to their own overpriced... read more

3 days in Kandy…without any Candy

Dayna was very excited to be heading to Kandy. Of course she would be; we were heading to the place with the name of one of her favourite things (albeit spelled with a K instead of a C). We left Bentota early in the morning to catch a cheap 2nd class local train back... read more

Our Stay at Whispering Palms in Bentota, Sri Lanka

First of all, thank you for all the comments here and on FB, and all the messages we received after our baby announcement post! We had quite a few people sharing their own stories of fertility struggles with us and it was great to be able to encourage each other..... read more

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