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Changes on the Way

So we have a little announcement...so little that it is about the size of a small apple right now. Dayna is pregnant! Baby Baker is about 15 weeks along now and due in October. Needless to say, we’re very excited as it’s something we’ve been wanting for a while. You...

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Cape Reinga Tour – Where Two Oceans Meet

When we first looked at doing a Cape Reinga Tour we assumed we’d just drive ourselves up there. That was before we ended up staying in Paihia in the Bay of Islands and realising the drive was close to 4 hours. Each way. Want to jump straight to watching our vlog from...

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24 Hours in Seattle

We were very lucky to have a bunch of family help us out with free places to stay for our time in Canada so we thought we would treat a few of them with a quick overnight trip to Seattle to say thanks (and plus, we were wanting another trip to the States before we...

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Coming Home to Canada

We were only in Canada a year and a half ago but since it was for our wedding, the couple weeks we had there absolutely flew by with all the wedding prep and showing Matt's family around my favourite spots. It was a great trip but after we got home to London, we...

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