Lake Tekapo

Wow, does time fly! Meant to write a post about Timaru when we got back but it’s now a week and a half later (I started this post 3 days ago) and I have NO IDEA where the time went. In Matt’s last post he mentioned that we had 21 days left…it’s now 7. SEVEN! We leave NEXT WEEK.

*cue brain exploding*

Definitely not at the excited stage but more overwhelmed Monarch butterflyby all the things I have to do and my half packed bag that’s overflowing on the floor. I WILL tackle it this weekend and hopefully come Monday I can relax and look forward to our adventure starting a few days later!

Back to what I’m meant to be writing about – our trip to Timaru. We didn’t get up to too much while we were there because a)there’s not much to do in Timaru and b)Matt’s dad just had surgery so we just wanted to spend time with him and help around the house. I ended up weeding his garden (while getting distracted by all the pretty butterflies) and did most of it before I came across a spider nest and then I was DONE.
Sorting out the new aerial During this, Matt and his Dad attempted to set up his new aerial. Why do they need to make this so difficult? Once it was set up, Matt and I spent a bazillion hours trying to get a perfect signal which included him standing on the roof (he hates heights) and me running in and out of the house to check the TV (I hate exercise). We eventually gave up because hearing/saying “Move it a little to the right….and now the left…NO, BACK TO THE RIGHT!!!” over and over again with no real results is the definition of insanity.

So yes, besides fighting with the aerial and battling spiders it was a pretty relaxing weekend. We walked along Caroline Bay and the novelty of wearing jandals, a Winter in New Zealandscarf, and walking along the beach in (almost) winter was not lost on me. I will definitely have to get used to dreary, cold, dark winters once again. At least I’ll get to experience snow again and have a proper cold Christmas Day with turkey dinner (that is, unless we decide to go somewhere warm for Christmas).

We also drove to Lake Tekapo for a lake view lunch (see the first photo). This is one thing I love most about NZ, drive an hour and you’re in a completely different landscape with a bunch of new things to see and do.
I think Kiwis leave NZ so they can fully appreciate how good they have it here.

Matt and his Dad - Caroline Bay

*More photos here