Week Recap in Pictures

by Jul 8, 2012England, London Life, United Kingdom3 comments

– Matt’s full time job is finding a job so he’s been pretty busy with that. Lots of good progress though so hopefully he gets an offer soon!

– We got a room in a flat and, provided all goes well with paperwork etc, we’ll move in at the end of this month. Already planning out the things we’ll need to get from Ikea – so excited!

– I start work tomorrow and I’m really, really nervous. My relaxation plan is to bake some brownies and eat my feelings.

– Haven’t got up to too much in the last week due to being poor and Matt having heaps of phone calls/interviews so below are some photos I took last weekend.

Thames and London Eye

Parliament Buildings

Westminster Abbey


There’s Chipotle (and pretty much every other type of food chain) in London!

So excited about the squirrel

So excited to see a squirrel!

Matt pretending to feed a squirrel

Lake in Hyde Park



NOM Poutine


Canadian goodiese

Kraft Dinner get in mah belly

Out of all those Canadian Goodies, I bought this. And it was good.