Right, two things:

  1. The video above is my favourite of all our videos to date (even the part where Matt films me right after I wake up – that was brave of him). Matt’s filming and editing skills are just getting better and it’s so cool to see how much fun he is having making videos.
  2. Matt is the best husband ever. Sure he has his annoying qualities (he’s the loudest chewer of food and cannot for the life of him remember to close the fridge door), but he’s also thoughtful and great at planning surprises that I’ll love.

You’d think that after living here for over 3 years we would have seen most of the tourist spots in London but you’d be wrong. It’s always the way though, isn’t it? When you live somewhere you think you have all the time in the world to see the sites visitors flock to each year. But lately we’ve both been feeling like if we didn’t do some of these things soon, we never would.

Knowing this, Matt planned the ultimate day out to the top tourist spots in London for my birthday present. The whole day was a complete surprise! He got our friends Jono & Cath, and his sister Sarah to join us and even put together a very clever list of riddles for me to figure out where we were going.

So, watch the video to see the highlights from visiting some of the top tourist spots in London. In particular:

  • Our friends surprising me at Duck & Waffle – one of the best restaurants with a view in London
  • The hilarious beefeater who gave us a tour of the Tower of London
  • Matt sneaking in some video of the Crown Jewels (shhhhhh….)
  • Us doing our best Fonzie impersonation during afternoon tea at One Twenty One Two at the Royal Horseguards hotel
  • The beautiful view of London at night from the London Eye
  • And the out-take at the very end of the video – ha!

Oh and thanks to Cath, Jono & Sarah for helping make the day so fun!