Sunset at Grand Canyon’s Yaki Point Video

by May 5, 2015100 Things, North America, USA2 comments

We’ve finally had a bit of time lately to look back at some of our old Go Pro videos from our US & Canada trip from back in August 2014.

One of the days on our US trip was spent exploring and then searching for the perfect sunset at Grand Canyon’s Yaki Point. We spent a long time researching where to watch the sun set and eventually decided on Yaki Point over some of the more popular spots (Hopi, Mathers etc) to try and avoid the crowds of tourists elbowing each other out of the way to get the perfect shot of the sunset. It worked out great as we managed to snag a pretty quiet spot to ourselves to watch and relax.

We set up our whole day of hiking around the trails on the south rim to eventually get us to Yaki Point in good time.

We got to Yaki Point about an hour before the sun set and we were well ahead of the crowds.  There is a large rocky outcrop where you can spread out without any posts, signs or tourists in the way of your view (downside… also nothing in the way of you falling into the canyon).  We took full advantage of being early and nabbed a prime spot thinking we would be pestered by others later on.  Turned out that the crowds weren’t that bad and that there is enough room for everyone (or at least there was on the day we were there).

The first 45 minutes were quite peaceful as we took in the view but the crowds did start filtering in right before the sun set.  It was at least entertaining to see flashes go off on people’s cameras and hearing their complaints that the sunset photos weren’t coming out (hot tip on any good sunset photo: it won’t involve the use of flash photography).

We managed to cobble together enough footage and a timelapse for a video so enjoy! (particularly the cringe inducing jump about 20 seconds in…apparently jumping looks better in photos than video but I couldn’t resist including it)