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January was such a good month for us, and me in particular. It’s been a very long time since I was in Canada for an extended time and able to hang out with family and friends properly. I got to hold heaps of babies too which I don’t get to do enough so that was awesome!

We toured around beautiful BC and I once again fell in love with my home province, even in the middle of winter, and we also took a quick trip to Seattle to see the sights.

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Gibsons, Summerland, Vancouver, Steveston, White Rock

New Zealand


Matt’s Highlight: Getting home to NZ and seeing family.

Matt’s Lowlight: The cold weather in Canada.

Dayna’s Highlight: All the family and baby time in Canada.

Daynas’ Lowlight: The flight from Vancouver to Auckland was pretty bumpy for 7 of the 14 hours.

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What are we up to in February?

In February we will once again be on the road, this time in New Zealand! We bought ourselves a car and plan on driving her around the top of the North Island before finally arriving in Napier for our friends’ wedding at the end of the month. Hopefully we get some nice weather (and a tan)!


Anything we missed? Let us know if there’s anything you’d be interested in us tracking on our round the world trip and we’ll add it to future posts.