Pismo Beach Wine Tasting: Pacific Coast Highway Road Trip Day 3

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When we started planning out our California road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway we wanted to make sure we didn’t plan any days that involved too much driving. This was because of our experience on our Iceland Road Trip where we had some REALLY long days.

We love driving along beautiful roads but not so much when we are rushed and too short on time to actually enjoy the drive! The long days in Iceland were mostly due to us accepting it when Google said “5 hours” of driving when it sometimes actually took us 6-7 hours in the car (not such of an issue in the US it seems where Google’s indicated times have been very accurate). The other point was the stops in Iceland were awesome and took us so much longer than we expected.

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We knew the Californian coast had quite a few places to stop and we didn’t want to repeat the mistakes we made in Iceland so we chose to have a short day on day 3 of our road trip with only an hours’ drive.

There were a few options of where to stay (Santa Maria, Santa Barbara to name just a couple) but we went for Pismo Beach because we hadn’t had a chance to go wine tasting in California yet and apparently Pismo Beach was a good spot for it.

Check out our video from the day by clicking here or scroll down to the end of the post.

The drive was short and we arrived in Pismo Beach without much idea of where to go or what else there was to do there.

Our first stop was an old guilty pleasure that we’ve been reintroduced to being back in the States…frozen yoghurt. The kind of frozen yoghurt where you (over)fill your own tub with however many flavours you like and then top it with Reese’s pieces, cookie dough, M&Ms, candy, hot fudge sauce and other unhealthy options then pay by weight.

Pismo Beach Frozen Yoghurt
Pismo Yoghurt was a pretty good fro yo…and this is why we can never live in the US – we’d be super-sized in no time.

Looking for things to do in Pismo Beach

After our (un)healthy lunch we bumbled around what is a pretty normal, relaxed seaside town. I think I prefer Monterey and Cambria (they had a nicer feel) but the beach itself was huge and the novelty of just walking along the beach and watching big waves breaking hasn’t become boring to us just yet after living in landlocked London for so long. The more we’re back by the sea, the more we realise how much we have missed it!

Pismo Beach Pier

ismo Beach pier had fishing rods for rent and we were tempted to join the locals there fishing until we got distracted with the huge Pelicans that hovered around the fishermen filleting their catch. Tailored Tackle offers a perfect way to experience all the excitement fishing has to offer, and it will surely set you on the path to becoming an improved angler! 

Pismo Beach Pelican
It didn’t go so well…
Pismo Beach Pelican Attacks
After our little exploration we were ready to try some local wines.

Taste of the Valleys Wine Tasting

Pismo Beach has a few options for wine tours, nearby wineries and different places to do tastings but we wanted one where we could walk from our Hotel and neither of us would have to drive plus we would get to try a variety of wineries. Wine tasting for 2 people isn’t very fun when only one of you gets to try anything!

Tastes of the Valleys
After a good review online we wandered over to Taste of the Valleys who do “flights” of either white or red wines or a mix where you get to taste a variety of different local wines. The wines you taste depend on what bottles are open so it is a bit of a lucky dip (I think we got pretty lucky when we went).

It worked out good value for the $10 we paid for the tasting and we liked one of the bottles of red so much that we had to try it a few more times…in bigger glasses this time.

Tastes of the Valleys Wine Tasting
We regretted this slightly when we had to get up early to continue our road trip down the coast to LA…

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More information on Pismo Beach Wine Tasting

How long is the drive from Cambria to Pismo Beach?

45 Miles and it took us about 1 hour.

Where to stay in Pismo Beach?

We opted to go with a cheap option and stayed at Ocean Palms motel. It wasn’t the nicest place we stayed on our trip but it was comfortable and good value for money.

Where to go wine tasting in Pismo Beach?

We went to a wine shop Tastes of the Valley that offers a huge range of local wines and tastings of the wines (“flights”) for $10 (or you can buy by the glass or bottle). There are many other options around though if you’re willing to drive or pay for a tour.

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