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Coming Home to Canada

We were only in Canada a year and a half ago but since it was for our wedding, the couple weeks we had there absolutely flew by with all the wedding prep and showing Matt's family around my favourite spots. It was a great trip but after we got home to London, we...

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Is Antelope Canyon Overrated?

First of all, I’ll just make one thing clear: Antelope Canyon itself is a pretty cool place to visit. Upper Antelope Canyon (there’s also a lower section) is a tall, narrow canyon of wavy red rocks that looks like it was put there as part of some huge art exhibit....

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A Wow Moment at Horseshoe Bend

Ten years ago I went on my first trip overseas, just me and my friend Danielle, to New Zealand. We used a guidebook to decide where to go, payphones to call ahead and book our next night of accommodation, paid $3 to use the hostel computer for 15 minutes or went to an...

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That Butte-iful Monument Valley View

We woke up in Sedona to a beautiful view of the surrounding rocks with the morning light making the red rocks even prettier against the surrounding dusting of snow. The Monument Valley view we would see later in the day would be even better though. Want to jump...

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The Best Views in Sedona

After an awesome road trip along the Pacific Coast Highway, our Arizona Road Trip had a lot to live up to. Our first stop: checking out the gorgeous Sedona views. Before we got to Sedona though we flew into Phoenix from San Diego on an absolutely painful Southwest...

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The Painful Experience of Flying Southwest Airlines

 We had flying business or first class on our list for a long time and we finally got to do it when we flew from London to San Francisco with Virgin Atlantic. It was pretty much as good as we thought it would be. The one downside though? We had to begrudgingly take...

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