I think we were both not looking forward to leaving Hoi An especially since we’d be travelling 12 hours to Nha Trang by overnight bus. We had heard so many horror stories about the beds being too small, things being stolen, the bus being too crowded, or breaking down and of course, the driver driving the bus the same way they drive cars and motorbikes here (erratically and with very few rules). But the trip was essentially transport and a night’s accommodation for $22 each so we decided to go for it.

The stories were right about 2 things. The beds were way too small especially when we had a full carry on bag each to sleep next to. We were in the first row with Matt by the window and me in the middle. My bed was the smallest on the bus and I spent most of the night worried I’d roll off either side. At least I had a seat belt!

Not Made for 6ft tall boys

I got the smallest bed on the bus :(

Secondly, the driver. Oh my word. We left at 7pm which was a little early to go to sleep but I had to close my eyes just so I couldn’t see what was going on with the traffic. He was pretty standard for Asia (driving on the wrong side, passing within inches of oncoming vehicles, etc) but when all that’s done in a BUS, it takes terrifying to a whole new level.
Did you know it’s ok to pass a full logging truck on a solid white line while on the oldest, ricketiest bridge ever?

Me neither.

At least there was a flashing Jesus to protect me.

Flashing Jesus will protect me

Nha Trang wasn’t really what I was expecting at all. I knew it was a beach town where a lot of people go to party and enjoy the sun but besides that, there wasn’t much going on and it seemed like the locals were pretty jaded thanks to all the tourists. Apparently Nha Trang has one of the highest rates of pickpockets in the country and you kinda got that feeling just walking around.

One thing that really surprised us was the Russian influence on the town. Every single store front, hotel, restaurant sign would have the name in Vietnamese, Russian, then English. We hadn’t seen anything like it anywhere else in Vietnam – they would even have a special Russian menu and most of the locals spoke it more than English. It also meant we were subjected to some inappropriately small bathing suits while at the beach. Russians have no shame, that’s for sure!

We were only there for 2 days so we spent most of our time at the beach ($2 for a beach chair with umbrella) and eating food (had a really yummy indian meal at Ganesh).

Beach Toys

Enjoying his book

At the beach!


There was a bit of excitement one afternoon while we were lying in the beach chairs. A mouse decided to run around the beach and used our chairs as a place to hide. It was a pretty big mouse too but it was a bit too quick for my camera. It had people jumping around all over the place tho.

Oh yeah, and we got sunburnt AGAIN. Even though we tried SO HARD to be good and only spend a few minutes in the sun at one time. Lame. Our skin is now all different shades from white to red. Our next beach time won’t be until Thailand so we’ll have to work hard (and safely) to even out our multicoloured skin.