London living: food, shows, and new flats

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Oh, hello! Thought a bit of an update was in order seeing as we haven’t posted in a couple weeks!

We’ve been saying for over a year that once we moved to the UK we’d get ourselves flash new phones. Last week, we did! Thanks to my company,  we got ourselves a sweet discount which meant less guilt in the spending department (and the phones were free with our contracts). We even went all ‘His and Hers’ as we knew that if we got different ones, there would be a lot of phone envy.

His and Hers

These new phones have meant that taking photos while out has been a lot easier and more frequent which means this post will be a lot more interesting!

London Eye

We’ve seen a couple more shows – Shrek, The Musical was pretty much as good as you’d expect. Nice to know the story line and see how they managed to make Lord Farquad so short (the actor walked on his knees for most of the show which was hilarious) but it was nothing compared to Wicked. Wicked will be the forever be the ruler that all other musicals are judged against.

High swing

Matt managed to get us free tickets to a Cabaret/Circus show called Boom Boom Club. I don’t know how he managed to keep me in the dark as to what the show would contain (and really, Boom Boom Club should’ve been a giveaway) but besides the occasional flash and having a girl (barely) dressed as a sexy Pink Panther spit milk at me, it was pretty tame in the Boom Boom department. They had a couple of acrobats who did all kinds of lifts and throws that defied gravity and made my jaw drop for pretty much their entire set. The girl wasn’t tiny either which made it all the more amazing when he tossed her in the air. There was a man who called himself a ‘Wanker Banker’ and told a story in song of how he had changed his ways and learnt to appreciate the little things in life. He went around the audience and improvised a bit to include them in the song and when he came to me he sang something about how I was holding back because I still had my purse over my shoulder (there was no where to put it!). Elvis even made an appearance and performed amazing tricks with about a 100 hula hoops!

Honestly, it was probably one of the coolest shows I’ve seen.

Boom Boom club

We moved into a rather large room in a flat next to the Common about a week ago. Together with the 4 other people in the flat, we represent the following countries: Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, France, and Russia. There’s a few issues that have come up over the last week that have made living here a little stressful but it’s nothing to do with people themselves so hopefully it’ll all be sorted soon. The most annoying thing is that we don’t have internet so this post is being done on my phone.

It’s so nice to have a room that’s a decent size and be able to make it our own. After being in it for a week, we decided there was a few things we needed so we made a trip to Ikea (!) to stock up. Ikea is one of my favourite places in the world and it’s been far too long since I’ve been there. I was like a kid in a candy store.


Three hours, 30 meatballs, and lots of walking later, we had crossed off pretty much everything on the list.



(A lot more on flickr)

We’ll also be getting a TV and PS3 in time for winter and need a couple things on the walls so we’re thinking a map of the world and getting one of our travel photos printed onto canvas.

Matt’s also convinced we need a rug so looks like we’ll be making trip back to Ikea this weekend (although I think the real reason is to eat more meatballs).

Speaking of food, here’s photos of some of the yummy things we’ve been eating.

Delicious Pizza


Also on the list – join a gym.