Hello, from Langkawi!

We’re both nursing rather painful sunburns (I can’t even name all the different shades of red our skin has changed between in the last couple days) and we don’t have wifi so this post is quickly being written in a cafe by our resort.

We had two days in Kuala Lumpur after our time with Lydia which we filled with the usual touristy things. We stayed at Tune hotel which is a chain that promotes itself as 2 star with a 5 star bed and shower. Definitely agree with the shower part, but we both found our legs hanging off the end of the bed. I meant to take a photo of the room as it was so tiny but it definitely did the trick and we ended up with an awesome view of the Kuala Lumpur Tower (never mind the horrible photo, it was taken through 2 very dirty windows that we couldn’t open).

View from our room in KL

side note: Most people and travel sites call this Menara Tower but ‘menera’ means ‘tower’ in bahasa so essentially they’re just calling it Tower Tower.

Not too bad for $100 NZD for FOUR nights TOTAL!

We went to the Petronas towers which totally tested my fear of heights. 86th floor observation deck is all I’m going to say about that…

At Petronas Towers

At Petronas Towers

Matt booked us a reservation at a rooftop, poolside bar opposite the Petronas for sunset. Lucky for me it was Ladies Night from 6-9pm which meant FREE yummy (very strong) cocktails. Kuala Lumpur? Not the best place for a hangover. Just saying.

But never mind, LOOK AT THE PRETTY VIEW!

At Sky bar

At Sky bar

Also, look at the awesome photo I took with my new lens! Still need to learn how to use it but it certainly has potential! He’s so handsome.

At Sky bar

The next day we did the seemingly impossible and caught the train to Batu Caves. EVERYONE said that you couldn’t catch the train out there and the only way was by taxi which would’ve cost about ten times more than we paid for the train – which was $1…return.

Must say I wasn’t overly excited by the caves. That probably had to do with all the monkeys running around humping each other. I hate monkeys. I’m sure Matt will post some videos of the monkeys once we get internet again.

Starting the climb up to Batu Caves

Batu Caves

So now we’re staying at a beautiful resort (but not too expensive) with an awesome pool (and poolside bar) and amazing beaches. However, we’ve had to give our sunburns a rest by staying indoors which is a bit of shame. It did mean that we got to watch the new Avengers movie at the cinema and learnt a bit of the language by reading Bahasa subtitles (the movie was in English thankfully). Just a bit of education – ‘Ya’ in bahasa means yeah, yes, yep, ok, and uh huh.