Eating ALL THE THINGS in Melaka

by May 4, 2012Malaysia, South East Asia4 comments

Most of you will know that I spent 6 months in Perth doing a course with YWAM back in 2007. During this course, I was lucky enough to share a dorm with 7 lovely ladies. Thanks to Facebook I’ve been able to keep in touch and have even met up with a couple of them since our course ended.

My bunk buddy (I had the bottom bunk and she had the top) was a very sweet girl named Lydia who was from Malaysia. When she heard that we’d be in KL, she sent me a message saying that we should meet up! I love that this course gave me friends all over the world – very cool!

So, Lydia (and her boyfriend, Jared) were our tour guides for the day and did they ever do an excellent job! We essentially went on a food tour of Malaysia and ate ALL THE THINGS. Matt and I were so full we didn’t have to eat until mid way through the next day.

We started by going to Melaka which is just over an hour’s drive away from KL. It’s a region of Malaysia where the Portuguese settled a long long time ago and you can see the influence they had on the region as well as ruins of the fortress.
In the window

Christ Church

From there we headed to Jonker St which is lined with shops and food stalls where we picked up a fishy looking snack for the walk (and I have no idea what the green stuff inside was).
Fishy Snack

Jared and Lydia took us to a coffee shop that featured the different ways coffee is made in the 13 regions of Malaysia. Coffee (we usually get it cold/with ice because, obviously) here is amazing, I must say! I think they put condensed milk in it – either way it’s very very yummy! I also had my first laksa which was delicious!
Johar cold coffee and laksa
For dinner we went to a unique satay place. I absolutely loved the concept – think satay, fondue style! Basically, you pick from a whole bunch of different types of meat/veggies/eggs (you name it, it was there) on sticks then take it to the table where there’s a pot of boiling satay peanut sauce. There you stick them in the pot to cook!
Ready to be cooked
Cooking in satay sauce
I ended up trying quite a few different things and it was all pretty yummy! I’m lucky in that I do enjoy a lot of different types of food but I have felt that I can’t eat a lot of it at once. Hopefully my stomach adjusts soon.

During our drive back to KL we got to experience one of the best storms I’ve ever seen! Matt and I both spent most of the time ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the lightning and thunder. Pretty sure Lydia and Jared thought we were crazy for enjoying it so much!

To top off the day, we ate AGAIN (!) this time at an Indian place. We had naan with curry sauce and the biggest roti I had ever seen! It’s paper thin (not surprisingly it’s called Roti Tisu) and crispy – almost like a potato chip but covered in oil and sugar.
Roti Tisu
Pretty much the best thing I’ve ever eaten. To prove it, here’s a photo of me with the most ridiculous look on my face.
Naan, Curry, and Roti Tisu
Just realised that most of the photos of me over last couple posts have been of me eating. Accurate, really…
Matt’s trying to be a bit more open minded (stomached?) when it comes to food and so far it seems that he’ll try anything you put in front of him. And I mean anything.

Following on from our ‘What’s in our drink?” post, this is a ‘What the heck is Matt eating?!?’post.

First up,
Trying Chicken Liver
OK this one will be hard as the photo is a little poor (my fault) – did anyone guess chicken liver?

Those of you who have seen Fear Factor will know what this is…
Century Egg
That’s right, a Century egg (covered in satay sauce and ginger). I still can’t believe he ate it (and kept it down)!

Thanks Lydia and Jared for one of the best days we’ve had so far!
Jared, Lydia and I