Best Travel Youtube Channels to Follow in 2016

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What are the Best Youtube channels to subscribe to in 2016? Looking for top travel Youtubers? Or travelling couples on Youtube?

Read on for 10 of the best Youtube channels to follow…

Youtube can be dangerous. One minute you’re watching an inspiring and educational TED talk and then…3 hours later you’re watching cat videos. We’ve found the only way to avoid this is to treat Youtube like a bunch of TV channels and subscribe to the best Youtube channels rather than just go browsing around looking for things to watch every time.

Watching travel videos on Youtube has been such a good way for us to discover new places and the best travel Youtube channels can also be really entertaining as well as giving you ideas and tips for future trips. We’ve highlighted a few of the best travel channels on Youtube that we’ve found below to save you some time.

Top Youtube Channels

Best Daily Vloggers

These are the guys I watch most days and I am still in awe that they manage to produce such great quality videos pretty much every single day. These videos can involve 2-7-ish hours of editing alone. Every day. Seriously these guys are all amazing for just managing to keep that up. We’ve found other vlogs and watched them for a bit before tuning out but these guys are all consistently great!

Casey Neistat

OK, so Casey isn’t strictly travelling and vlogging (he’s nearly always in NYC running his company and new social media app Beme) but his daily vlog is probably the best one out there for creativity and storytelling. And when he does travel the shots he takes are always great. Awesome timelapses, great storytelling and Casey’s candid views and advice on life are all worth tuning in daily for. You’ve probably seen some of Casey’s older videos like his classic Bike Lanes one below.

Fun For Louis

Louis is like the granddaddy of daily vloggers. But a young granddad since he isn’t actually old, he’s just been doing this forever. Louis has been daily vlogging for YEARS now and following his adventures is enough to make you want to quit your job and do the same. He doesn’t tend to spend too long in any one spot so the variety of places and people is crazy considering he shows every day of his life.

Ben Brown

I think of Ben as a bit of a protegé of Louis since he originally learned the ropes on vlogging from Louis (he admits himself that he originally copied Louis before he quickly learnt what he was doing). He has since developed his own unique style and has some great videos (his “Visual Vibes” series outside of his daily vlogs is awesome!). The people that surround Ben are almost the best part of his vlogs as he has a bunch of funny friends that feature quite often.

Best Travel Youtube Channels

These guys aren’t posting daily but they do all share great travel videos and are among the top travel Youtube channels you should follow for travel inspiration and tips.


Marco and Alex are half Kiwi/half Californian brothers and their videos are the perfect combination of hilarious, informative and interesting. Last summer they spent a week daily vlogging after being challenged to do so on a Pacific Coast Highway road trip with Ben Brown and a few other Youtubers and I highly recommend checking that one out if you are heading that way (along with their other videos). Otherwise though, they usually post every Tuesday and Thursday.

Expert Vagabond

Matthew Karsten is a travel blogger with an adventurous edge. Unsurprisingly that means his footage is mostly from GoPros doing adventurous things like zip lining into stadiums, hiking over half destroyed footpaths or remote icy paths.

Devin Supertramp

Devin’s channel has a team of talented people behind it and the quality of his video’s is amazing. If you want to see what a bunch of talent, some awesome, unique and inspiring locations all over the world and $70,000 of camera equipment can accomplish then this is the channel for you.

Travelling Couples on Youtube

If you’re a travelling couple like us then you might want to check out what some other travelling couples are up to as well. Here’s a few travelling couple’s with Youtube channels to get you started.

Flying the Nest

Stephen and Jess are a young Australian couple travelling the world and vlogging daily along the way. They’ve volunteered at a bunch of interesting places and their road trip around Utah last summer helped us plan out our recent trip there.

Goats On The Road

Nick & Dariece are travel bloggers who are already living the life we’ve set as our goal – they’ve “turned travel into a lifestyle” and manage to make enough online income to cover the cost of living in exotic locations all over the world. They share weekly videos that give you a look behind the scenes and give you a taste of life travelling and house sitting around the world. Apart from the beautiful spots they’re in, they also have some amazing drone footage so their videos are always good to get some inspiration for future house sitting spots (Guatamala and Granada are on my list after watching some of their videos!).

Planet D

The Planet D have been blogging since 2008 and have visited over 100 countries on all 7 continents. Their Instagram and blog are popular and have massive followings (for good reason – their photos are amazing) but they also have a YouTube channel where they post regular videos. Their style is more energetic travel host than some of the others above that are more informal travel vlog style so it’s perfect for you if you love travel shows and they highlight some really cool spots.

The Bakers’ Journey

We can’t not plug our own channel on our own site right?! On 1 December 2015 we left our jobs, our flat (and nearly all our possessions) in London behind to go off and explore the world. We post videos every week of our adventures as we try and figure out a way of making this round the world trip last at least 1000 days.

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We’ll revise this list if we discover any new favourites and we’re always looking for new channels to subscribe so leave a comment with your channel if you have one or just let us know your favourite channel to watch.

Best Travel Youtube Channels to follow