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3 days in Kandy…without any Candy

We had a great time during our 3 days in Kandy, Sri Lanka. In fact, the only downside was our accommodation! We went for daily walks around the lake, took in all the sites, and ate the delicious food. Kandy had lots of wildlife especially around the lake and we even saw a few monitor lizards!

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Srilankan Airlines Upgrade – the Cheapest Way to Fly Business Class

We had a big day of travel flying Wellington to Sydney then Sydney to Bangkok on the way over to Southeast Asia. After those long, uncomfortable flights in economy class we were dreaming about being upgraded to business class so we could be able to stretch out our legs and travel in comfort. Thankfully, our dreams came true! Alas, it wasn’t for free (we are still holding out for the day when we hear some magic words at check in saying we’ve been bumped up for free) but we only had to pay $125 extra each to get business...

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How to Drive in Sri Lanka

After a few days here we think we’ve got our heads around the local approach to road safety so here’s our completely accurate, not at all tongue-in-cheek guide on how to drive in Sri Lanka. Lanes and road markings There are useful road markings including lines that indicate where the lanes are that cars should drive in. Ignore all of these. If you fit in a space then drive there. If you don’t fit in a space then drive there AND hit your horn repeatedly. Three cars can fit in one lane if you really try hard. Change lanes often. You...

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Haruru Falls Walk – Hiking in the Bay of Islands

The Haruru Falls trail was a great little walk that I did when we were staying in Paihia in the Bay of Islands. It seems like forever ago now but we finally got around to uploading the video from that day. We’ve had a busy, complicated couple of months in NZ and we’re going to do a big update post on what we’ve been up to very soon but for now, check out the video below for the Haruru Falls trail. The waterfall doesn’t compare too well to the huge, impressive falls of Iceland but the trail is great – amazing to only share...

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Cape Reinga Tour – Where Two Oceans Meet

When we first looked at doing a Cape Reinga Tour we assumed we’d just drive ourselves up there. That was before we ended up staying in Paihia in the Bay of Islands and realising the drive was close to 4 hours. Each way. Want to jump straight to watching our vlog from the day? Click here Cape Reinga and 90 Mile Beach Tour Neither of us fancied the drive so we looked at what tour options there were. We were already planning our trip to go out on the water Dolphin watching and to see the Hole in The Rock and...

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