Author: Matt and Dayna

Changes on the Way

So we have a little announcement…so little that it is about the size of a small apple right now. Dayna is pregnant! Baby Baker is about 15 weeks along now and due in October. Needless to say, we’re very excited as it’s something we’ve been wanting for a while. You can read a bit of our story and how our plans are changing below (getting pregnant definitely does have an impact on our plans of non stop travel!). After a rough 1st trimester where Dayna had pretty much every symptom you could have (the worst being 24/7 nausea for...

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Our Big Announcement: Travelling the World Full Time

“One day you will wake up and there won’t be any more time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.” – Paulo Coelho We’ve been not-so-subtly hinting at our exciting new plans for the last few months and now we can finally speak freely. So what is this exciting new plan? We’ve quit our jobs to commit to travelling the world full time and finding a way of making money doing work we love. We don’t know exactly what shape this will take; it could mean we start our own business or work online or it...

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How to Not Kill Each Other When Travelling as a Couple

After 9 years of knowing each other, 7 years of living together, 3 years of travelling together, and 1 year of marriage, we have learnt a few lessons along the way that we thought we’d share. Plus we’re probably due a reminder before we head off on our next trip. Some of these are specific to travelling as a couple but most are things that we (try to) practice on a daily basis whether we’re at home or abroad. If someone were to ask for one piece of marriage/relationship advice from us, we would say ‘travel together’. While this...

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Our Happiness Project

In a year where we experienced one of life’s greatest highs (getting married) and a lot of amazing trips, we ended 2014 exhausted, fat, unfit and feeling a bit directionless. Don’t get us wrong, there were a lot of positive points and awesome things we did last year but in a way they made it worse because we looked back at all these cool things we got to do and thought if we’re unhappy after a year like that, then something must be wrong. All those amazing trips came at a pretty heavy cost for us as between trips...

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The Wedding Day – We say I Do

We’re doing something a little different with this post and writing about our wedding day from both of our points of view – Matt will be in bold and Dayna is in italics then we’ve finished writing it together. Enjoy! You can read about all the little details like the dress, location, flowers etc here. The night before After saying goodbye to Matt at the end of our pre-wedding guest picnic in the park, I wondered when or even if I was going to be hit with the overwhelming realisation that we were getting married. I’d spent the last two...

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